All Hands on Deck as Ryson Team Takes Care of Galveston Island Homes After Winter Storm Uri

Winter Storm Uri Recovery

All Hands on Deck as Ryson Team Takes Care of Galveston Island Homes After Winter Storm Uri

The recent winter storms in Texas have caused many residents to be without power, water, and heat. We were hit hard on Galveston Island with many homes and businesses without electricity and running water for many hours and in some cases multiple days.

This caused pipes to freeze, burst, and in some instances resulted in flooding. Many of our properties have broken pipes that we will be fixing in the days and weeks ahead.

We have been working tirelessly at Ryson Real Estate & Vacation Rentals to get people to warmer locations, fixing maintenance issues where we can, and keeping our guests and homeowners updated on the situation. We are happy to have helped 31 families so far by setting them up in our properties that have power, water, and warmth.

Our hearts continue to go out to all those affected by this crisis and we are determined to continue helping in every way we can.

“Me and my family Were struggling to find somewhere to sleep in winter weather. My home on the island had lost power more than 24 hours before I rented this condo. I was also unable to fund any hotels with any rooms available, I drove all the way past outside of Houston. Finally I called this company at 9pm I immediately was booked into a room and able to check in. I finally got my family out of the car and cold.” – Lacy

Update (02/24/21): We have 60% of our properties back up and running after the winter storm left 95% of Galveston Island without electricity and water for several days. We are continuing to complete inspections and maintenance to get all of our properties fixed and back to normal.

If anyone is in need of a place to stay with electric, heat and hot water, please give us a call at 409-877-5244.

Ryson Vacation Rentals offers more than 250 properties across the island that provide plenty of reasons to make the most of the Winter storms in Texas. If you need help planning your visit, Gulf Coast Concierge can assist.