Galveston Dining

Discover the best restaurants in Galveston!

Galveston Dining

While you’re gallivanting around Galveston, chances are you’ll eventually need to stop and eat. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for something to eat, we’ve put together a list of the greatest restaurants in Galveston. Check out our gallery of pictures and list below for (some of) the best Galveston dining locations to visit during your vacation! We hope you find this information helpful during your stay! 

Many of these locations are within eyeshot of a Galveston beach, if not right next to it! So take advantage of the island location for a great view while you eat! 

Black Pearl Oyster Bar 

A local favorite, this Galveston dining destination specializes in all things oyster, though entrées like blackened snapper, crab-stuffed flounder, fried catfish, and crawfish po’boys will win you over, too. 

Miller’s Seawall Grill 

Miller’s Seawall Grill is known for their amazing views and incredible breakfasts, although they serve lunch and dinner as well. Located right on the Seawall, this place will surely satisfy your appetite no matter the size.