Experience Railean, the first rum distillery in Texas!


Do you enjoy rum? Are you a drink connoisseur? Are you looking to try something new? If the answer to any of these is “yes,” then head to Railean, the first rum distillery in Texas! The establishment contains the distillery itself as well as its tasting room, the Buccaneer Bar, where you can try some of their creative concoctions right at the source. 

Their Story 

Railean’s establishment paves a future while adding in a fond nod to the past. Kelly and Matthew Railean made their own brewing history by becoming the first rum distillery in Texas, taking the proud history of rum-making throughout the Caribbean and adding an American South/Southwest twist. The idea for a rum distillery struck while the Raileans were drinking at a favorite haunt, the Buccaneer Bar. Hurricane Ike destroyed the bar in 2008, so when the tasting room opened five years later, they named it after their old watering hole. 

Specialty Spirits 

Railean specializes in rum, but they haven’t stopped there! In addition to their spiced, coconut, lime, and aged rums, they also make vodka and whiskey. Plus, they offer agave spirits, differentiated by how long they’ve aged. 

Stop by for a Drink 

The Buccaneer Bar showcases the various Railean creations. They only feature their own drinks (sorry, beer-lovers), but there’s over one hundred recipes crafted from these fine cocktails. Drinks like blue mojito, Claire’s Bloody Pirate, Galveston Island Iced Tea, and Black Pearl are about $6 to $7, while shots and whiskey drinks cost $5. If you’re going out to try something new, there’s definitely something to offer here! 

How to Get There 

Conveniently, Galveston is about as close to Railean as Houston is—only a forty-minute drive depending on where you’re staying. Take I-45 north to get to the mainland, then exit for TX-146. Exit at Avenue T and then take 29th Street into San Leon. Proceed towards the eastern edge to get to 5th Street, Railean’s home. The tasting room is open Tuesday through Saturday, with tours available on Friday and Saturday. 

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