Cruises Out Of Galveston

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Cruises Out Of Galveston

If you choose the cruises out of Galveston, here are seven reasons to make Galveston your first port of call during your cruise.

Here’s seven reasons to begin your cruise out of Galveston with a stay in Galveston beforehand:

  1. You will already be in vacation mode for your cruise and you can show off your gorgeous tan from the beach. There’s no reason for a spray tan because you’ll have already enjoyed the benefits of Vitamin D. 
  2. You won’t be caught in traffic or have to worry about missing your flight since you’re already here. Rather than experiencing the last-minute stress of traffic, you can take the short drive from your vacation rental to cruise ship parking. Heck, you’d still have time for a nice breakfast before leaving. 
  3. You can spread out in your vacation rental before you experience the tight quarters on the ship. Since we know cruise quarters can be a bit cramped, this will give you a little space before the cruise.  
  4. You’ll have time to buy any last-minute outfits or swimsuits for the cruise. Remember Galveston is full of surf shops offering popular swimwear. You’ll also find most boutiques in Downtown Galveston offer great outfits for your vacation. It’s time to put away your athleisure wear and pick out a sundress or a new Hawaiian shirt.  
  5. You can check your email one last time before your cruise so you can unplug while sailing. We are all guilty of checking our email while on vacation so do it from your vacation rental versus the deck chair on the cruise.  
  6. You’ll still have time to grab some extra cash for tipping shuttle drivers and porters. Although we rely on our credit cards for transactions, your drivers and porters appreciate the cash. 
  7. Most importantly, you’ll have some downtime to look at your cruise itinerary and research activities. We all know while our intentions are good, most of us read up on our Port of Calls in the car or on the plane. This way, you can do a little research on the deck, balcony, or porch of your Galveston vacation rental. 

You’ll find the Port of Galveston to be convenient and easily accessible for your cruise. The Port also offers cruise ship parking and transportation to the cruise ship terminals. 

Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Disney Cruise Lines all cruise from Galveston Island. Check their website now to book your cruise early. 

We hope you make the most of your trip with these tips for making Galveston your first Port of Call during your cruise vacation. 

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