Vacation Rentals Vs. Traditional Hotels

Staying In a Vacation Rental Means You’re Staying in a Home

Vacation Rentals Vs. Traditional Hotels

So you’ve decided to take a vacation and you’re coming to Galveston. You’re already making great decisions, so why not do a little bit of research to determine the perfect spot for your getaway? There is no lack of lodging options in Galveston, but narrowing it down can be a difficult task. For starters, ask yourself one question: vacation rental or traditional hotel? We’ll help you decide on that first big step.

Variety of Locations

Having more variety in your choices is a great thing. Do you want to stay at a beachfront location, by the bay, in town? As we mentioned, there are a lot of options on the island, but you have many more choices in geographical locations when you decide to stay in a vacation rental. The industry as a whole is growing rapidly, so the number of available properties has never been higher. For example, we have locations in Bay HarborBeachtownHistoric District/in townJamaica BeachPointe WestSea IsleTerramar, and many other communities within Galveston.

If all of these options are overwhelming to you, our local vacation planners would be more than happy to help you find the perfect location to meet your needs. They are available 7 days a week to help plan your vacation. If you are the type to plan out your trip down to the last detail, you can read all about the different communities of Galveston to reserve the perfect home for yourself, all without even leaving our website.

Beach Access

Since you’re coming to Galveston, you might be someone that wants to spend your whole trip soaking up the sun somewhere on the 32 miles of Galveston Island’s beaches. Even if sunbathing or swimming isn’t your cup of tea, you will probably want to spend at least a few minutes in the sand.

Some hotels are near the beach, but usually only a vacation rental will have the option of being steps away from the water. Being so close allows you to run back inside to use the bathroom, use an outdoor shower, grab your lunch, or keep your valuables safe. There are many advantages to staying a short walk to the beach.

Just sitting out on the porch or looking out of your window to a constantly gorgeous beachfront view will give you a feeling of tranquility like none other. Check out our long listof beachfront rentals to see which one catches your eye.

Pet-friendly Options

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend, and you wouldn’t leave your best friend at home during your fun trip, would you? There are a lot of pet-friendly locations in Galveston that you can take your dog to, not to mention some pet-friendly events that are always going on. If you don’t want to take them everywhere on your trip, it’s still always nice to come back home to a wagging tail.

Although there are many places they can visit, you’re more likely to find a vacation rental that allows you to bring your furry friends than a hotel. Even comparing the pet-friendly lodging options, walking your dog around a yard is much “pet-friendlier” than a parking lot. 

Check out our pet-friendly vacation properties in Galveston.


Staying in a vacation rental means you’re staying in a home. It will feel like a home away from home, rather than just another hotel room. If you want a cozy, family-friendly feel then a vacation rental is the way to go. Other positives include a much higher level of privacy, more floor space, and more bedrooms than a traditional hotel room. 

A huge plus to renting a vacation house with us specifically is our amazing team of local vacation planners. They will help map out your trip, giving you a more enjoyable experience all-around. 

When you go see all the attractions, hang out on the beach, or have a night out on the town, you’ll come back to your spacious abode. It will truly give the impression of island living that you can’t really get with a traditional hotel. The only problem is it may be a little difficult to go back to your own home. But no worries, just come back next year!


Vacations are always better when you do things that make for fun memories. Since there’s a lot to do in Galveston, it’s not difficult to find something that you’ll love and remember for the rest of your life.

At Ryson, we are the exclusive partners of Gulf Coast Concierge. Take advantage of incredible deals on discounted ticket prices on beach gear rentals, golf carts, special occasion packages, sunset cruises, sailing, boating, fishing charters, photo sessions, and venue rentals. The list of services is expansive to ensure you receive exactly what you are looking for and maybe even a little something extra you weren’t expecting.


If you have a large group of people, vacation rentals are almost always the more economical choice. You can get a two, three, even seven-bedroom house and comfortably sleep up to 22 people in some vacation rentals. Even with small groups, our large list of rental homes may offer very reasonably priced options well within your budget.

Keeping track of your funds can also be a hassle, and it can be easy to throw your budget out the window in the heat of the moment. However, if you call our vacation planners they will help you stick to your budget. These folks are a great resource to find the most economical choice for your wants and needs to get the best bang for your buck.


This category might go overlooked, but it can be the deciding factor between a decent vacation and an amazing, luxurious vacation. Staying in a place with great amenities can make your stay so much more relaxing.

From washers and dryers to tiki bars to enormous scenic decks, there are a lot of amenities that vacation rentals may offer. These houses and condos typically offer more amenities than the average hotel, so if comfort and leisure are priorities to you, consider vacation rentals.

Our partner Gulf Coast Concierge also offers remarkable amenities such as floral packages, grocery delivery, and a variety of in-home services to make your stay amazing.

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