Bishop's Palace

See one of Galveston's most recognized landmarks!

Bishop's Palace

A Galveston getaway is a trip sure to inspire. In many ways, this island city holds fast to both the rich past and exciting present. This is evidenced with an astounding number of historic sites waiting to be explored throughout the city and an amazing effort by the Galveston Historical Society to preserve what’s best from yesterday and today on both land and sea. For those whose hearts beat in time with history, a trip to Galveston isn’t complete without a stop at the Bishop’s Palace. 

Architectural Beginnings 

A true feat of architectural creativity and engineering design, Bishop’s Palace is one of the most recognized landmarks in Galveston. A Victorian castle designed and crafted by Colonel Walter Gresham and Nicolas Clayton, this palatial building is an awe-inspiring feat of architectural genius. Taking nearly 6-years to complete, Bishop’s Palace was finally finished in 1892 and has remained a treasured and frequently visited site in Galveston ever since. 

Must-See Features 

While Bishop’s Palace is enchanting in its entirety, there are some stand out features that bring guests to the front doors in droves. Renowned for its collection of impressive and internationally inspired fire places, guests are often surprised to find that one of these features is lined entirely with silver. Sparing no expense during the process of its creation, those touring Bishop’s Palace will be delighted by stunning stained-glass windows, collections of bronze sculptures, high-end, period-specific furnishings and a rainbow of colored stonework. A testament to the time it was built as well as a lavish reminder of Victorian architectural inspiration, Bishop’s Palace is a luxurious stop that’s as intriguing as it is inviting. 

Tour Options

Open most days of the year with the exception of major holidays, guests to Bishop’s Palace will find the doors open at 10:00 am and will have freedom to explore until 6:00 pm each evening. There are several routes to seeing Bishop’s Palace depending on how you’re traveling. Solo travelers interested in a self-guided tour of the building are free to pick up audio guides at any point throughout the day. Those who prefer a bit more direction and background can choose to make a reservation for a group tour. If you prefer to see Bishop’s Palace in a one-on-one setting, private tours can be arranged as well as a “behind the scenes” option for more insight into the building’s history and secrets! Guests will feel good knowing a portion of the admissions fare goes directly towards efforts to restore the roof in the near future. 

Make Your Way to Galveston 

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