For Nature Lovers

Explore the outdoors when you visit Galveston

For Nature Lovers

For nature lovers, Galveston Island offers a nearly endless variety of experience, perfectly suited for the whole family. Adventurers of all ages choose Galveston as their favorite home away from home, and return time and time again to enjoy its unique blend of ruggedness and comfort. 

Of course, Galveston’s main attraction is the ocean—the shore of which stretches over thirty miles and is a favorite hang-out for locals and visitors alike. From the wide stretches of East Beach, through the family-friendly and lifeguard-protected areas along the Galveston Seawall, and out to the smaller neighborhood beaches of the Galveston west end, there is plenty of room and relaxation for families of all sizes. 

Lovers of hiking and Galveston birding should make their way to Galveston Island State Park, where they can enjoy the stillness of the marshlands and the calm waters of Galveston Bay. Birds of both local and migratory varieties are on display in their natural habitat, and the park has several viewing stands available for the public. Galveston Island State Park also serves as a host for guided kayak tours from Artist Boat, a local non-profit organization dedicated to raising environmental awareness. 

Another worthwhile destination is the Bolivar Peninsula, which is accessible via a free twenty-minute ferry ride from the east end of Galveston Island. Bolivar Peninsula features beaches which are much less frequented by the general public, as well as the Bolivar Lighthouse. And during the ferry ride, fortunate passengers are often granted sight of a pod of dolphins acting as ship’s escort. 

For an even better chance of seeing dolphins in their natural habitat, visitors should look into the Baywatch Dolphin Tour at Pier 21. It’s a fun and safe way for the whole family to experience the beauty of Galveston Island and its wildlife. 

These are just a few of the many options for enjoying the natural wonders of Galveston Island. There is much more to discover, and the only difficulty will be in deciding what to do first. But if you don’t get to do it all the first time, don’t worry—you’re always welcome back to the island, and Ryson Vacation Rentals will be glad to hold your spot for you.