Fun Things to Do for a Galveston Spring Break

Tips for spring break at the beach!

Fun Things to Do for a Galveston Spring Break

As winter comes to an end and the soft promise of spring rises to the forefront, many a college student’s dreams turn to thoughts of Spring Break: Where are they going? How many friends are joining in the fun? And where are they coming up with the money to pay for it all? We remember those days fondly (except for the lack of money) and although we are happy to be at our stage of life, we can’t help but wish for a do-over. If your thoughts are following along the same lines as ours, we are here to tell you it’s possible, and we’ve compiled this guide to a Galveston spring break as an adult and with an adult bank account!

Life’s a Beach

Poor college students could never afford a house on a beach; the best they could manage was a cheap “beach adjacent” motel room into which they crammed as many payees to bring down the individual cost. And doesn’t that make you enjoy your beachfront Ryson getaway that much more? Rise early to get in a sunrise walk along shore’s edge and spend long afternoons napping, reading, and frolicking in the surf right outside your door! Staying with us is definitely adulting done right!

Sip Happens

Back then drinking often involved games with ping pong balls, weird hat’s with tubes running out of them, or doing a handstand over a keg as your compadres chanted “drink, drink, drink” over and over again. Today, you don’t just enjoy a nice glass of wine with your dinner; you know which wine goes best with which dish. And if you take a belated Spring Break, you can celebrate the Galveston Island Wine Festival with a crowd of other like-minded individuals! Held April 26th and 27th in various locations throughout Galveston, the live music, great foods, and silky wines will make your grown-up Spring Break a memorable one!

Cold Pizza is So Last Decade!

Spring Break for the college student meant scrounging for food any way we could and consuming a lot of cold pizza, but as an adult, your taste buds have become more sophisticated and your wallet more capable of affording the finer things in life. A romantic meal at Rudy and Paco’s, 2028 Postoffice Street, is the perfect spot to cater to your more refined tastes during your Spring Break adventure. They offer a large menu of haute cuisine dishes and an extensive wine list guaranteed to have the perfect wine to go with your Salmon a la Parrilla.

And the Best Part of a Galveston Spring Break?

You have to admit, this grown-up Spring Break is sounding pretty great right about now, and we haven’t even brought up the best part! Naps and bedtime are no longer punishments, especially when sleeping in one of our cloud-soft beds with the sounds of the sea lulling you to sleep! Our bedrooms are sanctuaries of peace and serenity, and this Spring Break, unlike the ones of your past, is going to be one you come away from feeling rested and recharged! Contact us for more ideas on things to do during a Galveston spring break and to reserve your getaway today!