Galveston Art in The Streets

Learn about the Beautiful Art in Galveston

Galveston Art in The Streets

Galveston has become a hot spot for people through the summer months. People look to get away and enjoy the beach and attractions that the island offers. It provides beauty from the beach and amazing architecture of the old buildings that have stood through time. While you are here, check out the Galveston art in the streets.

The one thing that people forget is the art that has left its trace. Galveston Historic Strand area and surrounding neighborhoods showcase its art by murals that have popped up on buildings and streets. It provides something that vacationers are able to enjoy as they walk throughout Galveston. The art recognizes the history of the island, the life of the sea, and the liveliness of the people. The vibrancy of the colors mark the walls and cement with expression that provides great photo opportunities.

Social media has been flooded with these works of art as people appreciate what each artist has created. They bring to life memories for vacationers as they walk along Galveston Seawall or through the Strand. Giant sea turtles cover walls  to more interactive murals of a lone umbrella or showcasing the history with events of the past. Most of the murals are pretty easy to find, but local artists have created smaller art throughout to bring the playfulness that Galveston is.

Greetings From Galveston, commissioned by Galveston Island Convention and Visitors Bureau was painted in 2016 as a postcard to show what the island has to offer. It is realistic and one of the most popular murals and interactive. It has flooded Instagram and Facebook with its vibrant colors. This mural is in the middle of the Strand with a small courtyard area for people to commune at.

One that is harder to find, but showcases the same sort of vibrancy is a little farther from the downtown area, on the corner of 27th and Market. It adds a pop of color to a grassy corner, with tables and chairs. It’s geometric shapes add a great place for people to pull out their cameras to take goofy and fun photos with.

Absolute Equality is the most recent mural that was painted as an equality piece in 2021 by Reginald C. Adams. It covers 5,000 square feet of the side of a building on the Strand and 21st street. It tells the story of General Order Number 3, which demanded total equality in Texas.

Walking through the streets these works have brought a community together as they are appreciated by locals and non locals. As the island continues to thrive, it is certain that more of these beautiful pieces will continue to pop up. The question is, can you find them all?