Galveston Fishing

Cast Your Reels into the Gulf Of Mexico

Galveston Fishing

Fishing in Galveston is a great activity enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. The many different fishing spots, variety of fish, and methods of fishing in the area make Galveston Island a popular fishing destination year-round! Galveston Island is situated on the Southern Coast of the Gulf of Mexico which is home to a diverse amount of fish! With many local bait shops, marinas, rentals, and piers, it’s easy to find everything required for a great fishing trip right here on the island. Always remember to fish with a Texas fishing license, which is required by Texas Parks and Wildlife – there are plenty of outdoor stores where you can purchase short-term, long-term, and even life-long fishing licenses. A popular fishing destination for licensing is Academy Sports and Outdoors, located on Seawall Blvd. 

Today we are covering the basics, but keep in mind the equipment and boat rentals you may need for your style of fishing. There are many local and commercial stores on Galveston Island to purchase tackle: (hooks, line, sinkers, poles, bobbers, etc.) to meet your needs for a great fishing experience. Always remember to pick up a fishing guideline book – these are usually at any outdoor or fishing store, and free of charge by Texas Parks and Wildlife. Some fish can be too small or even too large to keep. The number of different types of fish and water-life in the area might surprise you!

Fish can be picky eaters. However, live or dead shrimp is great for almost any kind of fishing in Galveston. Other popular choices are cut bait, finger mullet, shad, and larger mullet. Some fishers use squid, as well! For day fishing, remember sunscreen!

Galveston coast line stretches about 32 miles and almost all areas are fishing friendly, but please make sure to not fish on private property!

Fishing Piers and Fishing Parks

Some of the popular fish in these locations are:

Red & Black Drum, Speckled & Sand Trout, Flounder, Sting Ray, Black-Tip & Bull & Hammer Head Shark

61st Street Fishing Pier – 61st and Seawall

A pier extending yards into the gulf! Rent fishing equipment, purchase bait, and enjoy early and late hour fishing!

Jimmy’s on the Pier – 91st and Seawall

Galveston’s longest fishing pier! Dine and fish from this pier!

Seawolf Park on Pelican Island – 51st and Broadway

Seawolf Park is home to a WWII Submarine and Battle ship – explore Texas and United States History and fish from one of the piers or jetty. Barges and ships also cut through the bay and create temporary “cuts” which fish love to follow!

Beach Fishing/Surf Galveston Fishing and Jetty Fishing

Galveston has 32 miles of coast line and 28 miles of beaches – some of the popular fishing-beach areas are more West where more swimming and leisure beaches are more East. “Jetties” are the long stretch of rocks sticking out from the beach, and they can provide great catches as well! (61st Street Beach, Pirates Beach, and Jamaica Beach are great!) Red drum, speckled & sand trout, sandbar & mako shark, sheepshead, flounder, gaff-top catfish Mahi-Mahi are usually found further out on the ‘waterline” – where incoming and outgoing water meet

Bay Fishing/Canal Galveston Fishing

The bay and marshes are popular breeding areas for a large variety of fish including some schooling fish such as red drum and speckled trout. Flounder and gar also enjoy the bay water, as well as shrimp and blue crap. (Remember: even for crabbing, a license is required.) Canal homes are located on the bay and are perfect for these kind of table dining room fish!

Offshore & Deep Sea Fishing

Offshore and deep sea fishing charters are popular throughout Galveston and many dispatch from Holiday Drive and Pier 19. These Galveston fishing charters take their clients out toward oil rigs and/or deep blue waters of the gulf for premier fishing trips! Typically, these run 70-100 miles out from shore and could provide you with many “fighting fish”. Be prepared to battle this big fish as you reel them in!
Common fish include: Marlin, Amber jacks, Tarpon, Barracuda, Tuna, Wahoo, Red Snapper, Grouper, and King Mackerel.

Fishing is an exhilarating experience because it’s unpredictable. Just remember: if you caught something every time you cast your line, it would be called “catching” instead of “fishing”! 


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