Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

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Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier

Galveston Island’s Historic Pleasure Pier is an iconic piece of Galveston’s past that has successfully made a return to the sandy shores of Galveston. The current Pleasure Pier has recaptured her prior charisma that made World War II service men, tourists, and islanders originally fall in love with her majestic rides, entertainment, and beautiful illuminations dancing across the waters. The pier has brought tourism boosts, entertainment, and a classy feel to Galveston.

All great constructions have an introduction! Before the original Pleasure Pier, Galveston Island was home to Electric Park, a theme park located on the beach 2 blocks east of the original and current Pleasure Pier. May 1905, the theme park opened with free admission and captivated all. Electric Park consisted of an electric theater, aerial high-swing, roller coasters, arcade games, and fireworks! Through renovations, limited expansion room, and the 1915 Storm, Electric Park met its final destruction. Although this short-lived attraction was only present for a few years, Electric Park set the standard and has been marked the predecessor of the Pleasure Piers.

Welcome to the Coney Island of the South! 25th Street is well-known for the multi-use pier that has consisted of two Pleasure Piers and one of the first over-water hotels, The Flagship. In the 1940’s, the original Pleasure Pier was constructed primarily for the recreational use for the United States military during World War II. By 1943, the Pleasure Pier was open to the public increasing tourism giving Galveston a profound boost of elegance and sophistication. Tourists and residents could stroll on the pier and experience the Marine ballroom entertainment, carnival rides, aquarium, and watch movies under the bright Texas stars. The original Pleasure Pier stood tall and served Galveston well with her tourism and economic boots until 1961. Category 4 Hurricane Carla heavily damaged the property, and the original Pleasure Pier ceased operation.

The Flagship Hotel was erected on the grounds of the original Pleasure Pier around 1965 after Hurricane Carla. The scantly-clad dressed Mermaid’s on the side of the buildings were all the rage! This over-the-water iconic massive hotel boosted tourism on Galveston Island for 40 years. Visitors could fish off the end of the pier, walk over to Murdoch’s & Mermaid’s bathe house/shops, and stroll over to the Balinese room. (These are other Galveston attractions destroyed by Hurricane Ike. Many places have rebuilt, while others have not.) The Flagship Hotel offered immaculate views from the rooms and offered an exciting opportunity to sleep over water. After 40 years of serving Galveston and her visitors, Category 2 Hurricane Ike severely damaged The Flagship in 2008.

The most current construction of Galveston Island is the return of the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier. Landry’s Inc. restored the pier and rebuilt the Pleasure Pier bringing back the iconic charm Galveston once had. The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier allows families and those of all ages to take a walk in the past of what was Galveston into modern form. Come make a day out of experiencing the thrilling roller coaster rides, another aerial high-swing, carnival games, shops, and food including Bubba Gump Shrimp Company! The current Pleasure Pier has once again boosted tourism, and lights up the Galveston night sky for miles and miles! Landry’s Inc. has restored The Pleasure Pier to its original historical charm giving Galveston a piece of her history back!

Galveston Island has a vast amount of history to offer! The current Pleasure Pier attracts tourists from all around to experience the Coney Island of the South! Ryson Vacation Rentals is another company that has returning to the island after Hurricane Ike. It’s heart-warming and glorious to experience the positive changing and evolving of Galveston Island’s economy. Stay with Ryson when visiting the Pleasure Pier and other historic areas throughout Galveston Island. Spend a weekend in Galveston, tour the Pleasure Pier, dine at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, and most importantly, enjoy the views! Ryson Vacation Rentals has plenty of beachfront homes, beachside homes, beachfront condos, condos on the seawall, and canal homes to choose from! Visit the beautiful Emerald condos or one of our in-town homes to experience more of Galveston-proper, and make your memories a part of Galveston!