Galveston Naval Museum

Learn about Galveston's rich naval history

Galveston Naval Museum

Do you love exploring military history? Would you and your family love to set foot aboard a real World War II submarine? Then come on down to the Galveston Naval Museum and spend the day (or even a night) learning about this fascinating part of America’s past!

USS Cavalla and USS Stewart

The two ships berthed at the Galveston Naval Museum (also known as the American Undersea Warfare Center) are the USS Cavalla and USS Stewart. USS Cavalla is a Gato Class Submarine that played an important role in World War II, having sunk the Japanese aircraft carrier Shokaku (veteran of Pearl Harbor) on its maiden patrol. She earned the Presidential Unit Citation for this accomplishment. After being decommissioned in 1946, the USS Cavalla was brought back into service in 1951 during the Cold War and was updated twice to a newer class of submarine. In 1971, the US Navy gave USS Cavalla to the Texas Submarine Veterans of World War II.

USS Stewart is an Edsall Class Destroyer Escort and is the only ship of its class remaining in the United States. She served valiantly from 1942 to 1945 and participated in both the Atlantic and Pacific theatres of war. She had a busy career during those years, including serving as a “school ship” training new officers, and escorting President Roosevelt down the Potomac River.

Seawolf Park

The American Undersea Warfare Center, USS Cavalla, and USS Stewart are all housed in scenic Seawolf Park, one of the most popular fishing spots in Galveston. Located on Pelican Island, a former immigration center, Seawolf Park is also a great spot for a seaside picnic, and there’s a playground for the kids. It’s an awesome place to spend a day with family, fishing, picnicking, and learning more about America’s naval history!

Special Events at Galveston Naval Museum

More than just a museum, the American Undersea Warfare Center also offers some great special events. During spring and summer break, there are fun day camps for kids ages 7-17 to learn more about STEM and naval topics. Students explore subjects like “what is fog?” and “why things rust,” building compasses, periscopes, model ships, and more along the way.

There are also after-hours offerings, as Galveston Naval Museum does sleepovers for groups. Imagine how excited your Boy Scout troop would be to spend the night here! The museum is also available for booking personal special events, like reunions, birthday parties, and naval-themed weddings. Consider the possibilities!

Galveston Naval Museum (American Undersea Warfare Center)

100 Seawolf Parkway

Galveston, TX

Hours: 9-5 daily (last entry 4 pm)

Admission: $10 adults, discounts for seniors/children/military with ID