Galveston Seawall

Find out more about this local Galveston landmark

Galveston Seawall

It would be difficult to imagine Galveston Island without the Galveston Seawall. It may be the defining feature of the island along with Galveston’s beaches, and no visit to Galveston would be complete without it. The city of Galveston began work on the Seawall after the devastating 1900 Storm. This was the deadliest natural disaster in United States history. Construction of the Seawall and raising the eastern end of the island took six years, by doing this survival and development of the city remains in its current state. In 1977, the Seawall was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and in 2001 was designated by the American Society of Civil Engineers as a National Civil Engineering Landmark. 

Since the project’s completion, the Seawall and Seawall Boulevard have been a vital element of the city’s appeal, attracting locals and visitors of all ages. Beginning at East Beach on the eastern-most tip of Galveston Island, the Galveston Seawall runs over ten miles and is the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. Running along the length of Seawall Boulevard are many of Galveston’s most popular businesses, including Galveston restaurants and Galveston bars souvenir shops of all kinds. The sidewalk atop the Seawall is possibly the most popular area in Galveston and is the ideal setting for activities of all kinds. Whether you are interested in a leisurely stroll, a long bike ride, an early-morning jog, or just easy access to the long stretches of public beaches, the Seawall is the place to be. 

100 years after the major 1900 storm, in 2000, a beautiful memorial was installed on the Seawall.

The beaches along Seawall Boulevard play host to any number of family-friendly activities. Depending on the season, visitors can involve themselves in Galveston fishing, volleyball games, impromptu games of soccer and Frisbee, or—of course—simply lounging in the sand. The waves of Galveston Island are mild and welcoming, making the beaches along Seawall Boulevard the ideal family spot. 

Essentially, the Seawall is the island’s backbone and its connection to the gulf, which makes it an indispensable part of your visit to the island.