Galveston Wine Festival

Experience this favorite Galveston event!

Galveston Wine Festival

Allow us to set the scene. Who’s there? Wine and food lovers. Where is it? The beautiful shore of the Gulf Coast. Why are they there? The Galveston Wine Island, the ultimate event for wine lovers that takes place every April, right in the heart of Galveston.

What is the Galveston Island Wine Festival?

The Galveston Island Wine Festival brings together numerous wineries, restaurants, and independent vendors for a weekend of fun, live music, wine tasting, and more. The Galveston Island Wine Festival is a must-do if you are fortunate enough to find yourself in the Galveston area in the springtime. Part wine-tasting extravaganza, part craft and antique sale, and part 5K run, the festivities in Galveston are truly unique from any other wine festival that you have visited. However, the festival knows how to stick to the basics where it matters. Here are some main events to look forward to at the festival:

Wine Tasters’ Paradise

The Grand Tasting event is at the center of the Galveston Wine Festival every year. It is the ultimate place for wine lovers to discover new favorites and to try out unique pairings. The Grand Tasting features bottomless wine sampling and a selection of food tastings from local restaurants that are participating in the event. For guests who are looking for even more out of their wine tasting, there is the Premium Wine Tasting, which allows a select number of guests to taste premium and exclusive wines that will not be featured anywhere else at the festival.

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

This event allows festival patrons to experience the prestige of the world’s most exclusive wine society right on Galveston Island. At the dinner hosted by the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs at the Galveston Wine Festival, guests blind test the top red whites and white wines that appear at the festival to choose a winner in an exciting vote to determine who will be the Grand Reserve Champion.

Galveston Wine Festival

Runners who participate in the 5K run at the Galveston Island Wine Festival, aptly called the Champagne Run find themselves running across a finish line and treating themselves to a glass of champagne, in keeping with the true themes of the festival.

You don’t have to run at the festival, but you should certainly run to the festival if you are looking to participate in the ultimate Texan wine lovers’ event.