Houston Symphony

Experience the Beautiful Sounds from Houston Symphony

Houston Symphony

When enjoying your time in Galveston, Texas you have a large range of local options that will keep you entertained throughout your vacation getaway. If you consider yourself a symphony aficionado or a fan of live music performances, a trip to the Houston Symphony is a must. The Houston Symphony Orchestra is one of the highlights of Texas live music performances and has a lineup including local, national, and international performances. Here is what you can find with a trip to the Houston Symphony:

Incredible Live Music Shows

The Houston Symphony aims to be one of the top 10 orchestra halls found in the United States by 2025. For now, you can still find incredible live music performances with rotating showcases. Most performances are scheduled for three or more nights, allowing you plenty of time to schedule a trip. You can find world-renowned artists displaying their own personal work or covering historical musicians such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky.

Special Event Shows

The Houston Symphony also showcases special performances for the seasons. The winter season sees special performances such as Home Alone film feature with the orchestra providing the musical score. Other popular special event shows include Harry Potter movie showings with the Houston orchestra performing the score. Your family will enjoy these special event showcases that are perfect for all ages; provides a unique perspective on some of your favorite movies.

Finding the Houston Symphony

You can find incredible live music performances right at the Houston Symphony. The music hall is less than an hour’s drive away and is worth the trip for any occasion. You can find the Houston Symphony at 615 Louisiana St. Suite 102 in Houston, Texas. Call for any questions or to reach the box office at 713-224-7575. You can also find their performance lineup online at their website.

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