Moody Gardens

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Moody Gardens

As Galveston Island’s premiere attraction, Moody Gardens offers your family more opportunities for fun and learning than any other spot on the island. Given the sheer abundance of exhibits and displays available, visitors will only have one question: where do we begin?

Discovery, Aquarium, and Rainforest Exhibits

The majority of Moody Gardens is contained within its three pyramids. The first of these is the Discovery Pyramid, which offers an ever-changing collection of exhibits exploring the worlds of science and nature. Then there is the Aquarium Pyramid, where visitors can get up close and personal with aquatic creatures of all kinds—from invertebrates to sea mammals and everything in between. There are plenty of hands-on exhibits and daily demonstrations to capture the curiosity of every visitor, no matter their age. The third pyramid is the Rainforest Pyramid, which offers an up-close and interactive walk among the species—both plant and animal—of the world’s rainforests.

Interactive Theater Productions

Any one of the pyramids is enough to fill an afternoon—if not an entire day—but there is much more to discover with the rest of the attractions. There are two state-of-the-art theaters offering an exciting combination of entertainment and education. The Moody Gardens IMAX 3D Theater features the largest screen in Texas, and projects the latest and best documentaries on science and nature. On the other hand is the 4D Special FX Theater, which supplements its showings with a wide array of real-life sensory effects, giving viewers a much fuller experience of the films on the screen.

The Colonel Paddlewheel Boat Adventure

Moody Gardens’ location on Offat’s Bayou makes possible one of the park’s most beloved attractions—the Colonel Paddlewheel Boat. Beginning in early spring, this replica of an 1800s-era paddlewheel boat takes passengers on an hour-long cruise around Galveston Bay. Passage is included day passes, and there’s no better way to take a break from exploring the rest of the park than a leisurely cruise through the waters of Galveston Bay.

Summer at Moody Gardens

During the summer months Moody Gardens offers its visitors even more activity, with the Palm Beach water park and its popular series Bands on the Sand, featuring both local and regional musicians—not to mention fireworks—every Friday and Saturday night.

Winter at Moody Gardens

And if you are visiting Moody Gardens in the winter, you’ll have a full schedule with its Festival of Holiday Lights, Ice Sculptures, and magic shows.

All in all, Moody Gardens is reason enough to visit Galveston Island, and visitors of all ages will welcome back again and again.

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