Surfing In Galveston

Catch a Wave in the Gulf of Mexico

Surfing In Galveston

Texas might not be the first place you think of when talking about surfing locations, but the waves might surprise you. There are several good spots for surfing in Galveston, especially in the winter months, but you may find some nice waves year round. This is a great activity that can be both relaxing and adrenaline-inducing, all while giving a great means of exercise. You probably won’t even notice just how much exercise it is because of all the fun you’ll be having.


The waves might be less consistent and more choppy on the Texas coast, but for local and state surfers, Galveston’s beaches allow great access to the waves. With over 32 miles of beaches, there are many places you could go to catch a wave. One of the most popular spots for surfing is around Pleasure Pier. It’s hard to beat the view you’ll have while surfing near this historic landmark. Also, along the Seawall Blvd, surfers tend to flock to the jetties, located at 37th, 47th, 51st, and 61st Streets. Another secret among surfers is riding the waves from large tanker ships, as Galveston has plenty of those coming and going to the many ports on the island.


If you’re just getting into surfing, in Galveston there are several places you can go to take lessons. You can feel at ease learning the basics to get you comfortable on the board. Learn about the waves, the styles of surfing, how to take care of a surfboard, and more with some super fun classes. C-Sick, Ohana Surf & Skate, and good Vibes Surf Lessons are a few popular places that can get you started. Some people get the hang of it after just a couple hours, while some may struggle for a little longer. For those that are thinking of throwing in the towel, just remember to keep on trying to stay on the board and keep on having fun! You might surprise yourself and be hanging ten in no time! Ohana Surf Camp is a great experience for children aged 6-17 years old that want to learn how to surf. These are held in the summer season and Galveston’s Beach Patrol Lifeguards monitor it. For those young and old that surfing might be too intense for, boogie-boarding and paddle-board surfing are other fun modes of transportation in the water.


There are many places on the island you could pick up a surfboard, including Academy, Southern Spears Surf Shops, Strictly Hardcore Surf Specialites, and Ohana Surf & Skate are among the many locations to purchase a good surfboard or other surfing gear.

Things to Remember

Now that you know where to get the gear and where to surf, you’re ready to hit the waves! While you’re out there, keep these things in mind:

Watch out for jellyfish. Jellyfish can sometimes be a nuisance in this area and cause irritation if you’re stung, so keep a look out for them.

Stay hydrated! Surfing is more physically demanding than you might think. It’s great exercise so you need to remember to keep drinking fresh water.

Be patient… Great waves don’t come around all the time, so the important thing is to be patient and enjoy the water while you’re out there. Waiting for that perfect ride can be enjoyable too, if you let it.

There’s also an annual dog surfing competition in Galveston that’s just too fun and interesting NOT to see if you get the chance! If you need a place to stay for your Galveston surfing excursion, Ryson Vacation Rentals can help. We have a wide selection of vacation rentals, from condos to beachfront homes, to properties in town near the popular surfing locations.