Pet-Friendly Galveston Vacation Rental Homes

Can’t bear the thought of leaving your dog at home, with a pet sitter or with a boarding facility? Ryson loves our pets and encourages families to bring their dog along for the beachside fun! Vacations aren’t the same without your four-legged family member. Bringing your pet with the family alleviates separation anxiety for your pet, as well as relieves any concerns you may have about their care while you’re away.

Many of our beach house rentals in Galveston are pet-friendly, ensuring that even your furriest friends aren’t left out of the vacation experience of a lifetime. Our pet-friendly vacation rentals come in a range of sizes to suit all kinds of vacations, from a couple’s getaway with the pup to family reunions with four-legged family members included. We have a wide range of pet-friendly accommodations available that allow you to satisfy your size, location, and budget requirements. Looking for a special deal at a pet-friendly home? Check out Ryson’s Specials page and just search for the paw icon!

The Gulf Coast has plenty of pet-friendly attractions that everyone can enjoy; including all the island beaches, dog parks, and even many restaurants and bars. Galveston Island Humane Society holds an annual dog surfing competition, and all proceeds benefit the shelter. Looking for “things to do” on Galveston Island? Check out Ryson’s Area Attraction Articles or Ryson’s Blog

There are so many fun things that you and your pet can do together here in Galveston! Get ready to enjoy the sun, surf, and sand with your four-legged best friend on the Gulf Coast! Want to see the beach right now? Check out Ryson’s Live Beach & Surf Cam!

To find out more about the pet-friendly recreation and sightseeing that you and your guests (including the ones on four legs) can enjoy in Galveston, call Ryson today!

Check out some of the island’s pet-friendly businesses!


— patios only —

Benno’s Cajun Seafood


Joe’s Crab Shack

Little Daddy’s Gumbo Bar

MOD Coffeehouse

Mosquito Café

Rita’s Italian Ice

Russo’s Pizzeria

ShyKatZ Cafe

Brick House

Sky Bar

Shrimp N Stuff


West End Marina (Downstairs)

Willie G’s

Yaga’s Café


Baywatch Dolphin Tours

Buster’s Old Time Photos

East End Historic District Tour

Galveston Duck Tour

Galveston Historic Ghost Tours

Galveston Island State Park

Historic Strand District

Seawolf Park

Silk Stocking District Tour

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Surrey Bike Rentals

Tree Sculpture Tour


Dorothy May’s

Hazy Daze on the Strand

Jammin’ Sportswear

Kitchen Chick

Surf Styles

Strand Brass

The Collector’s Gallery II

Tola’s Market


3 Doors Down Bar

DTO (Daiquiri Time Out)

Devil & the Deep Brewery

Galveston Island Brewery

Jack’s Pub (on Seawall)

The Proletariat

Prohibition Red’s

Sharky’s Tavern

Dog Parks

Kempner Park

Lindale Dog Park

Menard Dog Park

Participation subject to change.
Please contact Ryson to add your pet-friendly business to our listing.


All pets must be registered and pet fee paid in advance.
Restrictions vary by home and details should be stated in each individual property description.

Dogs should be leashed at all times.
This is not only a Galveston city ordinance, and you may be fined, it’s also against the terms of your Rental Agreement. Unfamiliar surroundings may encourage a normally well-behaved dog to take off when they normally wouldn’t. Dogs should also be wearing a collar and ID tags.

Keep dogs out of dunes.
Dunes are not only illegal for us to walk through, they are home to rattlesnakes, which can be lethal. It’s our responsibility to keep our dogs safe.

Avoid dehydration.
Bring plenty of fresh water for your dog to drink while at the beach, and discourage dogs from drinking salt water. Saltwater will cause diarrhea.

Avoid summer mid-day sun.
The sand and temperature lower to the ground is hot. Dogs will often exhaust themselves and need the shade of an umbrella or canopy.

Rinse off after a day at the beach.
Saltwater and seawater organisms may dry on the dog’s coat, causing irritation and problems days later if not rinsed off.

Dogs should not be left unattended.
Even the most well-behaved dogs can make a lot of noise & act destructive when anxious or in unfamiliar territory.

Please clean up after your dog.
Please take along a baggie with you to pick up waste with & dispose of it properly. Our dogs are our responsibility. Along with this responsibility, is the dirty job of picking up after them.

Accidents may happen.
Even if your pets have never had a bathroom mishap inside, accidents can happen, especially if pets are stressed. Please ensure that you have cleaned up the mess to the best of your ability. If damage is done by your dog, please report this during business hours as soon as possible.

Fleas love the island as much as we do.
The island is a perfect breeding ground for pests. Please be sure to use a preventative before your vacation, and please do your best to be sure not to leave anything behind. If ever any sign of pests in the home, please report immediately.